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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The WORSE day yet

Four days ago was the worse day since I had my surgery. It wasn't because my throat, ears, and mouth were in agony from pain. It wasn't because I couldn't eat, breathe or swallow. No, it was something far worse. It was the day I tried to eat a Fudge Round and failed.

This doesn't sound like that big of a thing. But if you knew me, knew the many Fudge Rounds I have eaten with delight, the way I had to upgrade from the small ones to the large ones, knew the way I had to buy the family value box, or the scary way I guarded them then you would understand.

Fudge Rounds are my kryptonite. The reason I get up in the morning! They are gooey, chocolately and delightful! Eating one is, as my friend Mikey would say,like an angel shitting in your mouth!!(because nothing bad can ever come out of an angel) They are better than an orgasism!

I think you get the point.

So, the other day I felt a lot better. I was taking Aleve for the pain instead of the usual baby aspirin. I had tackled many different kinds of foods. I was on a roll. I decided it was time to resume our love affair. Enter my beloved Fudge Rounds and DIASTER.

Instead of delightfullness, I tasted disgustingness. Instead of lovely, soft sweet fudge there was bland, weird tasting toughness. What happened?? How could Fudge Rounds forsake me in this manner?

As it turns out my operation and lack of real food were the culprits. My mouth and throat muscles had been scraped and unused for a week so everything was tough. Also, apparently eating trims our taste buds back and allows us to taste things the wayt we do. When you limit what you eat to soft food or liquids your taste buds are allowed to grow out and things taste differently.

Well, shit. I guess I won't be having Fudge Rounds for awhile then. I don't want a repeat performance of this fiasco. I'll have to wait until I can eat properly again and my muscles heal up. Afterall, I want to wait until I can give them the proper culinary experience they deserve.

RIP Fudge Rounds
I miss you :(

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