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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Damn you Target!!!

Obviously, I can't wait til Spring. I went into Target the other day to get shampoo and almost came out with $100 worth of clothes. All of the fashion blogs lately have been showing springy, floral prints. Things that are light, airy and breezy. Things I want and ways I would love to dress if I could afford it. Then I went to Target. Big mistake. Target has put out its spring line and being the classy person that I am (read: cheap) I covet the following items:

Women's Mossimo® Pollyann Woven Wedge Sandals - Cognac $22.99
I love the Gladiator feel of these sandals. They would look lovely with sundresses!
Women's Merona® Eura Flat Sandals - Green $8.04

These don't really match anything but I still love them! the color is so gorgeous and you can't beat that price!
MS SLVS Contrast Plaid Dress Purple Fushion $21.99

I heart purple and stripes!
Xhilaration® Juniors Tiered Skirt - Prairie Ditsy $16.99

This is usually not my style at all but there's something so romantic about the layers and florals. Merono Hobo- $10.00

Green and stripes!!!

Merona® Large Hobo - Green $24.99

I'm not sure why but I am loving colored leather bags this year. Normally I carry a large, hippy print purse and leave it at that. For some reason I am in love with bright blue and green purses!

So I ended up leaving Target with just the shampoo after all. Damn my cheapness!! I really wanted the above things!! To get my mind off of it I headed over to the book section and perused awhile. We'd be here all day if I wrote down all the books I wanted. Let's just say I wrote up a list and will be visiting the library soon!

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